A Tarot of Poems
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The Minor Arcana

The Four Suits

The four suits of the Minor Arcana correspond to the four elements of astrology, alchemy, and many other esoteric traditions.  The suit of Wands is associated with the element of Fire, which symbolizes the realm of Spirit (Inspiration, Aspiration); the suit of Swords corresponds to the element of Air, which represents the world of Mind (Thought, Reason); the suit of Cups is related to the element of Water, which concerns the realm of Heart (Emotion, Feeling); and the suit of Coins or Pentacles symbolizes the element of Earth, which relates to the world of the Physical Body (Sensation, Matter).  The order is significant, because in the mystical worldview, manifestation originates in the realm of Spirit, and proceeds "downward" through successive layers of increasing density until it reaches the physical plane.

The arrangement and order of presentation used here is intended to highlight and illuminate these elemental correspondences and order of operation.  The four suits of each rank are grouped together, and keywords are provided that suggest a common thread that links the poems and images for that rank.  In some cases, the poems themselves share a common structure or theme.














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